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Cranston Fine Arts Privacy Policy.

On this website, we do not track users for use in advertising or data mining. 

The only data we record is supplied by customers using our shopping cart and checkout.  When an item is added to our shopping cart, we initiate an order process.  At this stage we record the IP address of the customer in our online database.  This is required to prevent fraudulent activity and to protect our systems from malicious intent.

If a customer proceeds with an order, we will request the shipping address and contact details for the order.  This is initially stored on our online server before being downloaded to our local server and deleted from the online server.  All payment details are handled by our external providers and we handle no payment data. 

The shipping address, contact details and IP address are held on our local server for a maximum of 30 days while we deal with the order.  After this time we no longer keep any of this data.

Server Host

As with all others, our web server host uses log files to record visits to our websites.  These record IP addresses and dates and times of pages visited.  These log files are essential to the protection of our system from malicious activity.


Cranston Fine Arts use MailChimp as our newsletter subscription provider.  We only allow our visitors to sign up in two ways.  One is to sign up via MailChimp itself.  The other is to opt-in to the mailing list during our checkout procedure.  We send out marketing newsletters to our list weekly on average.  

Sharing Data

We never share any data with external organisations other than that required by our payment gateway providers.



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