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Some recent paintings in progress by Jason Askew.

Some interesting photos of works in progress by artist Jason Askew, giving our visitors an idea of just how much work goes into the paintings being produced.  Jason will produce many, many small sketches of figures before deciding on a composition for the overall painting and committing his work to canvas in oil.  He will often use a kind of 'Grisaille' painting technique to form the basis of the overall work, before working it up to a full colour oil painting.  It is interesting to contrast this technique with the sharp lines and masking-tape style of work you may have seen in previous articles featuring the work of Ivan Berryman - a good example to compare is on this link.  The two artists work in often contrasting styles to create military artworks of the greatest quality.

Waterloo - Foot Guards Awaiting the French Attack.

This work in progress (WIP) by Jason shows the British Foot Guards awaiting the French attack at the Battle of Waterloo, during the Napoleonic Wars.  Although the redcoats are now painted into this one, there are details of weapons and uniforms still to be added, and several figures are still missing completely.  This painting is relatively small for Jason, on a canvas of 50 inches by 30 inches.

First World War - German Soldiers at Passchendaele

The next WIP from Jason that we can show you is from World War One.  You may have seen our previous article featuring some of his earlier WW1 works.  This time, the painting explores the German trenches at Passchendaele.  In the pictures shown here, you can see that many of the figures are very much incomplete, mostly in the background - the focus is on the the officer in the centre, and the three other soldiers in the foreground.  Comparing this painting to the previous works, you can just see the beginning of the colour going into this new painting; colour that brings to life the others in his WW1 series.  This painting is approximately 48 inches x 30 inches.  We have taken some more detailed shots from the same stage of the painting in progress which are shown below.  These focus on one of the foreground figures, and some of the incomplete background figures.


Waterloo - Cavalry.

This piece depicting cavalry at the Battle of Waterloo, which we have 3 photographs of in progress, is a very large canvas - approximately 7 foot by 4 foot.  As you can see, this painting is nearing completion when you compare it to the previous two we have discussed in this article.  There is very little evidence of the 'Grisaille' style of painting which formed the basis of this painting, as the colour paint now covers the canvas.  On the detailed photo below, you can make out some of the figures that are awaiting finishing touches, and our third image shows the canvas on the easel in the studio, where the size of the painting can be appreciated.  

Limited edition art prints of these paintings will be made available soon - watch out for announcements, or email us for advance notice.  The original paintings will also be available to purchase.

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