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Group Captain Bob Iveson AFC - Art prints and originals signed by Group Captain Bob Iveson AFC

Group Captain Bob Iveson AFC

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Serving with 1 Squadron as Harrier Flight Commander during the Falklands War, he led the first low-level attacks against the runway at Port Stanley. He was later shot down by Argentine Forces but ejected before the plane impacted and survived. He was picked up by helicopter three days later, having evaded capture and was subsequently awarded the RAF Escaping Trophy. He subsequently led 617 Sqn through the first Gulf War.

Group Captain Bob Iveson AFC

Items Signed by Group Captain Bob Iveson AFC

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Squadrons for : Group Captain Bob Iveson AFC
A list of all squadrons known to have been served with by Group Captain Bob Iveson AFC. A profile page is available by clicking the squadron name.

No.11 Sqn RAF

Country : UK
Founded : 14th December 1915

Ociores acrierosque aquilis - Swifter and keener than eagles

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No.11 Sqn RAF

Full profile not yet available.

No.617 Sqn RAF

Country : UK
Founded : 23rd March 1943

Apres mois, le deluge - After me, the flood

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No.617 Sqn RAF

Crews of the 617 Sqn Dambusters Aircraft:

Crew of M for Mother :
Pilot : Flt Lt J V Hopgood
Flight Engineer : Sgt C Brennan
Navigator : Flg Off K Earnshaw
Wireless Operator : Sgt J W Minchin
Bomb Aimer : Sgt J W Fraser (survived)
Front Gunner : Plt Off G H F G Gregory
Rear Gunner : Plt Off A F Burcher (survived)

Crew of T for Tommy :

Pilot : Flt Lt J C McCarthy
Flight Engineer : Sgt W G Radcliffe
Navigator : Flt Sgt D A MacLean
Wireless Operator : Flt Sgt L Eaton
Bomb Aimer : Sgt G L Johnson
Front Gunner : Sgt R Batson
Rear Gunner : Flg Off D Rodger.

Crew of A for Apple :

Pilot : Sqn Ldr H M Young
Flight Engineer : Sgt D T Horsfall
Navigator : Flt Sgt D W Roberts
Wireless Operator : Sgt L W Nichols
Bomb Aimer : Flg Off V S MacCausland
Front Gunner : Sgt G A Yeo
Rear Gunner : Sgt W Ibbotson.

Crew of P for Popsie :

Pilot : Flt Lt H B Martin
Flight Engineer : Plt Off I Whittaker
Navigator : Flt Lt J F Leggo
Wireless Operator : Flg Off L Chambers
Bomb Aimer : Flt Lt R C Hay
Front Gunner : Plt Off B T Foxlee
Rear Gunner : Flt Sgt T D Simpson.

Crew of G for George :

Pilot : Wing Cdr G P Gibson
Flight Engineer : Sgt J Pulford
Navigator : Plt Off H T Taerum
Wireless Operator : Flt Lt R E G Hutchison
Bomb Aimer : Plt Off F M Spafford
Front Gunner : Flt Sgt G A Deering
Rear Gunner : Flt Lt R D Trevor-Roper.

Crew of L for Leather :

Pilot : Flt Lt D J Shannon
Flight Engineer : Sgt R J Henderson
Navigator : Flg Off D R Walker
Wireless Operator : Flg Off B Goodale
Bomb Aimer : Flt Sgt L J Sumpter
Front Gunner : Sgt B Jagger
Rear Gunner : Flg Off J Buckley.

Crew of N for Nan :

Pilot : Plt Off L J Knight
Flight Engineer : Sgt R E Grayston
Navigator : Flg Off H S Hobday
Wireless Operator : Flt Sgt R G T Kellow
Bomb Aimer : Flg Off E C Johnson
Front Gunner : Sgt F E Sutherland
Rear Gunner : Sgt H E O'Brien.

Aircraft for : Group Captain Bob Iveson AFC
A list of all aircraft associated with Group Captain Bob Iveson AFC. A profile page including a list of all art prints for the aircraft is available by clicking the aircraft name.


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Manufacturer : Hawker Siddeley
Production Began : 1969


The Hawker Siddeley Harrier, Vertical Take off Royal Air Force and Royal Navy ground attack fighter. with a maximum speed of 737mph and a ceiling of over 50,000 feet. range of 260 miles. The Harriers armament consisted of two 30mm Aden guns and up to 5000 lb of bombs, Rockets or other armaments under the wings. The Worlds First vertical take off and landing combat aircraft the Hawker Siddeley Harriers first arrived with No. 1 squadron Royal Air Force in July 1969. and with a variety of modifications and changes (Harrier GR 1, Harrier T2, Harrier GR3 and finally the British Aerospace Sea Harrier FRG1) The Sea Harrier commenced trials in 1977. The Fleet Air Arm received their first harriers just in time for the Falklands Conflict.

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