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Battle of Trafalgar by Steven Dews.

Battle of Trafalgar by Steven Dews.

Item Code : GL0066Battle of Trafalgar by Steven Dews. - This Edition
PRINTLimited edition (total of all versions) of 1805 prints. Paper size 44 inches x 70 inches (112cm x 178cm)Artist : Steven Dews780.00

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Other editions of this item : Battle of Trafalgar by Steven Dews GL0066
PRINTLimited edition (total of all versions) of 1805 prints. Paper size 28 inches x 44 inches (71cm x 112cm)Artist : Steven Dews446.00VIEW EDITION...
PRINT Limited edition (total of all versions) of 1805 prints. Paper size 22 inches x 34 inches (56cm x 86cm)Artist : Steven Dews288.00VIEW EDITION...
PRINT Limited edition (total of all versions) of 1805 prints. Paper size 14.5 inches x 22 inches (37cm x 56cm)Artist : Steven Dews199.00VIEW EDITION...
Limited edition (total of all versions) of 1805 prints. Canvas size 40 inches x 66 inches (102cm x 170cm)none985.00VIEW EDITION...
Limited edition (total of all versions) of 1805 prints. Canvas size 24 inches x 40 inches (61cm x 102cm)none564.00VIEW EDITION...
Limited edition (total of all versions) of 1805 prints. Canvas size 18 inches x 30 inches (46cm x 76cm)none376.00VIEW EDITION...
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Artist Details : Steven Dews
Click here for a full list of all artwork by Steven Dews

Steven Dews

Steven Dews was born in Yorkshire in 1949 and his meteoric rise to success from distinctly unpromising beginnings should be an inspiration to all young artists. From being the boy who failed his art A Level, his work has now placed him at the pinnacle of the marine art world. Steven Dews has been the official artist for the British Americas Cup challenge team and his many official commissions have included paintings to record the 150th anniversary of the New York Yacht Club and an Australian Government commission to record the bicentennial celebrations in Sydney Harbour. His paintings combine his mastery in oil of the natural elements of the sea and sky with the precision and accuracy of his depictions of ships and boats under sail. Above all, coming from a family with generations of links to the sea, Steven Dews lives and loves the subject he paints.

More about Steven Dews

This Week's Half Price Art

HMS Coventry comes under air attack from aircraft off Tobruk, 14th September 1942.  As well as losing the anti-aircraft cruiser HMS Coventry, the Allies also lost  HMS Zulu and six coastal craft sunk by bombing as they were returning from Tobruk.  HMS Coventry was rated as one of the most effective anti-aircraft ships in the entire British navy, downing more aircraft than any other ship.

HMS Coventry by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - 15.00
On the 11th August 1942, Flight Lieutenant Geoffrey Wellum DFC, having just taken off from the deck of HMS Furious, leads his section of gathering Spitfires on the long journey to Malta. They are much-needed reinforcements for the beleaguered island, now in the twenty-sixth month of its siege. To enable each of the 38 Spitfires dispatched from Furious to reach Malta, over three hours flying time away, they carry maximum fuel together with a centre-line over-load tank. Even their ammunition is removed to save weight. Escorting Furious to her aft is the Cruiser HMS Manchester together with Destroyers Brave and Lithe. To their port side is the Ohio tanker laden with fuel during what became an epic voyage. In the distance HMS Eagle succumbs to an Axis torpedo attack. The success of Operation Pedestal was absolutely critical for the survival of Malta, bringing desperately needed fuel, food and ammunition to the Island. Losses were heavy but the courage and determination by all involved prevailed: five of the fourteen merchant ships, including the Ohio, made it through and the island was saved.
Spitfires - Malta Bound by Philip West.
Half Price! - 100.00
 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Olna prepares to receive HMS Active (F171) during the Falklands campaign of 1982.  HMS Coventry (D118) is in the background
RFA Olna by Ivan Berryman (AP)
Half Price! - 25.00
HMS Hood makes a turn to port, while in line and astern is HMS Collingwood.  Valetta can be seen in the distance.

HMS Hood at Malta 1896 By Randall Wilson.
Half Price! - 65.00

 HMS Broadsword and the aircraft carrier Hermes battle their way through the storm on their way to the Battle for the Falklands.

Storm Force to the Falklands by Anthony Saunders (P)
Half Price! - 2050.00
  HMS Medway was the first Royal navy submarine Depot ship that was designed for the purpose from the outset. She is shown here with a quintet of T-class submarines on her starboard side, whilst an elderly L-Class begins  to move away having completed replenishment. HMS Medway was sunk on 30th June 1940 having been torpedoed by U-372 off Alexandria.

HMS Medway by Ivan Berryman (P)
Half Price! - 450.00
 The submarine depot ship HMS Maidstone is pictured off Hong Kong with a quintet of British submarines alongside for replenishment, namely (left to right) an S-class, a U-class, a T-class and two more U-class.

HMS Maidstone by Ivan Berryman (P)
Half Price! - 450.00
Midday, 21st October 1805, and Admiral Collingwoods flagship, the 100-gun HMS Royal Sovereign, breaks the allied line and delivers a shattering broadside on the Spanish flagship Santa Anna. Making great speed, Collingwoods ship had breached the Franco-Spanish line some distance ahead of the rest of his van and the Royal Sovereign suffered heavily as she quickly drew the attentions of three French and three Spanish ships. To her starboard, the French Indomitable can be seen firing into the British flagship while, astern of the Santa Anna, Belleisle and Fougueux are engaging ahead of Mars, Monarca and Pluton.

The Battle of Trafalgar - The First Engagement by Ivan Berryman. (Y)
Half Price! - 325.00
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