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Gallery Event - the Original Paintings of Ivan Berryman.

Here are some photos Ivan has provided us with, from a recent event.  It shows Ivan with several of his original paintings, some of which have subsequently been sold.  Included are a pair of Concorde paintings, one of the few remaining WW1 aviation paintings from his series of over 70 and a truly stunning Battle of Copenhagen piece.

Ivan with his Concorde over Manhattan painting.


The partner painting to Concorde over Mnhattan, this is the superbly detailed painting Concorde over London.


Ivan pictured with his Battle of Copenhagen painting, one of only a couple of originals in his series of paintings of Nelson's battles which at the time of writing remains unsold.


Ivan's painting of the American aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea.


This photographs shows several of Ivan's paintings, but particularly his 'Task Force to Iraq' painting, depicting the ships of the Royal Navy en route to Iraq in 2003.


And finally, a photo of Ivan with a rare unsold painting from his WW1 aviation series.  In a series of over 70 paintings, only a handful are available at the time of writing.  This one is of Major Albert Carter in a Sopwith Dolphin.


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